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Item # FA-032
Jean De Botton , Horse Race by "Jean Isy De Botton" (French American 1895-1978) Oil on canvas 13" X 16" + original frame, signed LL "Jean De Botton.
"The career of Jean De Botton began among such School of Paris painters as Picasso, Braque, Matisse, and Duffy. His early designs won him many official commissions for murals that remain today in many French public buildings. His ability to make quick, realistic and elegant portraits gained him the unusual honor to be appointed the official painter of the Coronation of King George VI of England in 1937. "   SOLD Inquire

Horse Race by "Jean Isy De Botton" (French American 1895-1978) Oil on canvas 13" X 16" + original frame, signed LL "Jean De Botton.

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