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Item # FA-061

Raouf Abd el-Megid , Egyptian (1932-1991)

 Arabic \ Middle Eastern oil painting on canvas, abstract of a mosque and Islamic architecture by Egiptian artist Raouf Abd El-Magid, signed LR "Raouf". 42" x 31" + frame.

Biography from the Modern Art Museum , Cairo
"Raouf Abd el-Megid,About Artists :,Ra’ouf Abd el-Maguid (1932-1991) Talented expressionist artist, known for his thickness and concentration of colour, roughness of texture and wide spacing of the elements of a composition to the extent that they appear like isolated islands. Later, he turned to Islamic art, inspired by decorative patterns, curlicues and cylindrical designs as well as many other Islamic decorative devices. He is distinguished for being careful not to fall into the trap of being a decorative artist.,Artists CV,(1932-1991) Education - Diploma in décor, Cairo’s Faculty of Fine Art, 1956. - Diploma in art, Rome Academy of Art, 1959. Occupation - Professor at décor dept., Faculty of Fine Art, Helwan University. - Collaborated with the late stage director-actor Karam Metawe to design stage settings and costumes of films such as “Dawn of a New Day’ by film director Youssef Shahin, “Love in Karnak” by Ali Reda and “Cairo Is My Love” by Salah Abu-Sif. International exhibitions - Venice Biennale, 1962. National award - First prize in artistic production competition, 1957. International award - Bronze medal in international art festival, 1958. - The Golden Feather prize in Sicily, Italy, 1999. - First prize, Italian art festival, 1959. Acquisition - The Egyptian Museum of Modern Art in Cairo. - The Arab Industrialization Organization, AIO. - A number of five-star hotels in Cairo. - Art lovers in Egypt, Italy and Arab Gulf countries."

Raouf Abd el-Megid , Egyptian (1932-1991)
Arabic \ Middle Eastern oil painting on canvas, abstract of a mosque and Islamic architecture


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